photo (86) I had a call from my friend’s husband yesterday asking me to make a cake for her 40th Birthday Party a couple of weeks later.  I have to admit my first reaction was to say no, purely out of fear, but after some well needed encouragement from my own hubby (plus the glass of wine helped), I said yes.

photo (87)There was no brief in particular other than a fruit cake for 90+ people (sorry, did you say 90 people!), so after some time trawling Google images, I came up with the 70’s theme (because my friend was born in the 70’s) and it was Paul who found a really ‘groovy’ picture of a glitterball with a dancer silhouette in front – we put the 2 together and came up with the final idea – fortunately ‘the client’ (as they shall now be referred to – you know who you are) seemed to like it so it is all systems go for my first commission!