IMG_0907Rich Fruit Cake: 

So, today I baked the cake for my friends 40th birthday.  A bit of a tricky one as I’m a working mum so had to fit this around the job and the kids routine.  Meant that the cake making started around tea time.

I made a 30cm (11inch) round fruit cake using the same recipe that I used for the Christmas Cake.  I had to do the batter in two batches as it was too much for the bowl or mixer to take in one go.

I double lined the tin (as suggested) and found that this didn’t burn the cake (no need for all that brown paper on the outside).

Cake took a whopping six and a half hours to bake which meant very late to bed.  However, I’m hoping for a good bake — the results of the patented Jaques ‘Cake Cooked Through Test?’  (i.e. use an apple corer in the middle of the cake and then fill with raisins after) looked promising anyway.  Fingers Crossed!