Like most of Britain it would seem, I have developed a passion for baking that began back in the summer of 2010.  I am a full-time working mum of two and a triathlon widow.  Whilst my husband is addressing his mid-life crisis by spending any free time burning the calories through swimming, biking and running, I like to spend my evenings and/or weekends baking up the calories to refuel him and the kids.

I have no realistic aspirations for any kind of professional career in baking or cake making (I know I’m in no way good enough, nor does the business case stack up), but I do find it a great way to shut off from the general chaos of life for an hour or so during the week.  Baking a cake for me is as relaxing as going for a run, but without having to brave the elements, other than the odd oven burn.

However, with my penchant for flour not appearing to wane anytime soon I now realise that it probably goes beyond that.  Maybe it’s an outlet for some latent creative tendencies that don’t get exercised sufficiently through making spreadsheets (work) or playdoh models (home) – and to my husband’s relief is somewhat cheaper than re-redecorating the living room.  Or maybe it’s because I’m just a “control freak who wants to be loved” (a quote about bakers from John Whaite, Winner of the 2012 Great British Bake Off, which struck a particular chord with me).  If I’m honest I probably bake to boost my self-esteem.  I am completely in command of creating something tasty and aesthetically pleasing which if I can pull it off should bring joy to others in the eating and hopefully pride to me through any praise returned.

I guess this site is then an extension of that – A further creative outlet that enables me to share my successes (and just as frequently my failures) with an audience beyond my family and friends.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I make.