IMG_0871Today my husband is doing his first Half Ironman in Bedford.  This event is quite a big milestone in his grueling training schedule as we get ever closer to the big one in July.

It was also our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday and as a token gift he gave me Delia’s Book of Cakes, with the page for the coffee and walnut cake distinctly marked.  I’m taking the hint that this is what he is hoping will greet him when he gets back to reward him for this mammoth efforts.

Admittedly, I had to deviate somewhat from Delia’s recipe, primarily because her recipe was for a small 18 inch cake, for which I don’t have the tins.  Consequently, I bastardised it a bit to come up with my own Coffee and Walnut Cake recipe for a 20 inch cake.  I did like her twist on the frosting using mascarpone which I have since added to my recipe page.

I will admit to making a bit of a boob with the coffee flavouring on this occasion.  I used Starbucks Micro Ground coffee with the measurements for instant espresso powder.  However, it was on tasting the mascarpone frosting that I soon realised I should have probably use the measurements for instant coffee.  It wasn’t completely unpleasant, but definitely not one for the coffee faint-hearted.  On the bright side, one slice of this and there is no chance my husband will be passing out straight away in front of the TV when he gets in – no matter how exhausted he is.