I was taking a look at TheFondantFancy.com’s stats the other day.  Not only was I surprised to see that that we’re edging closer to 1,000 views every day (admittedly, I’m not sure how many of those clicks were made by me during testing in the early days, but I know there have been close to 400 views in the last quarter),  but I was also astounded to see the vast range of countries from where we have been viewed.

It is obviously encouraging to know that TheFondantFancy.com has been viewed by people in 26 countries spanning 5 continents – and I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen – hence, I felt the need to share.  Maybe money and cupcakes make the world go round?  Could Madeira Cake (my most popular post apparently) be the panacea for World Peace?  Food (or cake) for thought perhaps?

The Fondant Fancy - International Viewing