photo (65)This is my Husband’s favourite tea time treat at the moment so I said I would attempt to make him a home made version instead of giving him an Easter Egg this year.  Expectations were high!

I had looked at several recipes to get the perfect combination of crunchy shortbread, caramel gooeyness and chocolate snap.  I ended up with a hybrid recipe combining Oliver Peyton with Mary Berry which seemed to produce the perfect slice.

The hardest parts of this recipe were:

a) Being patient and waiting for each layer to cool before applying the next; and

b) Trying to prise the slab out of the tin before cutting it into slices.  I ended up using a palette knife round the edge which I had to repeatedly soak in boiling water to try and melt it through the chocolate and caramel layers before it could be released.

I think this was enjoyed by all the family over the Bank Holiday weekend as we returned home from a visit to my Sister-In-Laws with an empty tin and just a couple of crumbs.